Food for School

July 27, 2017

Having healthy, easy to make food for school is very important as you eat it on a day to day basis and don’t want to spend too long in the morning making it. I usually change my food for school slightly every week depending on what I decide to buy at the shops or if there are any leftovers I can take but this is the typical food I take to school.

I put it all in this freezer lunch bag that I got for Christmas which I really like the pattern of and all of this food is from Aldi but there are similar or the same things at other supermarkets

Bean and Corn Salad:
This salad may seem really bland and boring but I find it really fills me up which is perfect for school and it tastes quite nice. It is made up of 1 can (400g) of 5 bean mix and 2 cans (125g each) of sweet corn which is so easy to make as all you do is drain them and pour them into a container.

Fruit Salad:
This isn’t really a ‘fruit salad’ as it is just strawberries and blueberries but I sometimes add other fruits if I have extra time in the morning. Fruit is absolutely essential everyday so it’s great to have at school and there are so many different fruits available so you’re bound to like one.

Seaweed Crackers:
These crackers are so delicious and are quite healthy as they are predominantly made from rice, so it’s great to have instead of some unhealthy biscuits that you might take to school now. I usually take a whole row from the packet and put it in my container to take to school as it’s the perfect portion and will last me most of the week.

Nut Bar and Rice Cracker Snacks:
I only recently started having nut bars but I absolutely love them! Even though they have chocolate in them it is balanced with all the nuts and tiny bits of fruit so it’s not that unhealthy but still delicious. Rice cracker snacks, like seaweed crackers, are made from mostly rice and have a variety of different rice cracker snacks in each packet that all taste good. They are so easy to take to school and to just have as a snack anytime which is why they are my go to snack at home.

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