My Activewear

July 6, 2017

Becoming better at exercising and being motivated to do it can be helped by what you choose to wear as it is made to be moved in and it makes you feel good about yourself when doing exercise. I have a few different clothes of activewear, that can be rearranged depending on what I decide, but they can all be used for doing exercise.

This shirt is only used for my acrobatics class as it has the logo for the academy on it and it was bought specifically for that purpose. If you are looking for a similar design, it is called a racerback and the material is quite thick and made to be sweated in. It is quite tight which is good for acrobatics and it has a nice design.

I mainly use these shorts for acrobatics but sometimes for exercise in the summer as my other clothes are too warm and they are very stretchy which is perfect. I got them from Supre and I would definitely recommend getting a similar pair for exercise as they look good and are great for moving around in.

I bought this sports crop from Aldi and I really like the design. The material is made to be sweated in and it is the perfect tightness so I feel really comfortable when I exercise in it. I like how it is completely black and I think it’s nice to wear underneath a loose shirt or by itself.

I love the colour and pattern of these leggings and the material, like most of these activewear clothes, is made to be sweated in so it’s good for any exercise. My dad got these for me so I don’t where they’re from but I’m sure you can find similar ones in most shops that sell activewear.

This is a loose shirt from Kmart that was such a good price (only $6!). It feels really light-weight on my body which is really nice, particularly when I go on runs, and I mostly wear it on top of the sports crop I mentioned above and they work really well together.

These black leggings are great for casual wear and active wear as they are very moveable and comfortable. I bought them from Kmart for a cheap price and they are really useful so I’d definitely recommend buying black leggings, whether they are for exercise or for everyday wear.

My dad recently bought this active jumper from Aldi for me and I’m so grateful as it is perfect for exercising in. It’s currently winter in Australia so wearing my short sleeved shirt isn’t enough and this jumper is great for keeping warm whilst exercising in the cool air. The material is very stretchy for a jumper and it has finger holes on the sleeves to keep your hands warm which is really good for exercising in cold temperatures.

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