Repotting Beetroots

May 29, 2017

My beetroot plants have been growing amazingly, in fact more than 15 have successfully grown into seedlings. Now it’s time to repot them from the nursery to bigger pots so they can grow bigger and start forming beetroots.

I got 6 more pots (some of them are smaller than others as this was all I could find in my garage) and filled them with potting mix. Once all the pots had been filled with soil and mixed slightly with a small shovel, they were ready for the beetroot plants.

I carefully removed the beetroot plants from the nursery by moving the soil from the base of each plant and slowly pulling the plant upwards. After all the beetroot plants were out of the nursery I cleaned the roots of excess dirt and sorted out which ones were going to be planted together in the pots (I didn’t have enough pots for 1 plant per pot). In the end, I decided to make the 3 smallest plants go in one of the biggest pots, another 6 small plants go in 3 of the biggest pots (2 in each) and the rest of the biggest plants go singularly in the rest of the pots.

To plant them I simply made the required number of holes in the soil of each pot and inserted the roots into the hole. Then, whilst holding the top of the plant, I covered the roots with the surrounding soil. To complete it I gently patted down the soil around the plant to hold it in place and gave it a good water. Even though the leaves on the top of the plants are drooping down onto the soil it doesn’t matter as beetroots grow under the ground so the lopsided leaves won’t affect it.

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