Using Weights

May 19, 2017

Every morning before I go to school I like to do some weights. The weights I use are only 2kg but I can repeat each movement as many times as I like without hurting myself (I do 20 repeats for each movement and hold the last one for 20 seconds). If you are starting out with weights I suggest using the lightest ones you can find and move up weight size as you get more confident and it gets easier.

When I first used weights I used 1.5kg and then moved into 2kg when it got too easy. Eventually when I find the 2kg are too easy for me I will use the 4kg ones. Anyway, here are the weight movements I do (I’m sorry I don’t know the name of them or what part of the arm they help) and please ignore my face in all the photos 🙂

Movement 1:

Movement 2:

Movement 3:

Movement 4:

Movement 5:

Movement 6:

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