Repotting and Planting

May 9, 2017

My plants have been growing very well and it’s time I wrote a blog post to let you know about it.

My corn plants needed to be repotted as they couldn’t keep growing too close to each other. I mixed soil and fertiliser in 4 pots and made a hole in the centre, ready for the corn plant. Then I carefully moved the soil from the base of each plant and pulled it out of the ground, removing excess soil from the roots. I planted them into the 4 pots I had prepared and made sure the soil covered all of the roots.

Since the pot that originally had the corn in was empty now, I planted the dwarf bean plant into it as it needed a bigger pot to grow in. The dwarf bean plant is growing amazingly and I’m hoping there will be dwarf beans on it soon!

Also I brought out my packets of beetroot and daisy seeds so I could grow some more. In the nursery, after mixing the soil with fertiliser, I planted the beetroot seeds where I put two in each section. I planted the daisy seeds in the small, blue pot again and used up the rest of the daisy seeds as they were close to expiring.

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