Rolled Up Paper Art – Petal Shaped

March 25, 2017

This is the second type of rolled up paper art which is perfect for flowers or leaves. It is a petal shape but you could even make other shapes like hearts using a similar method. You could also use both rolled up paper art shapes in one artwork as they would definitely work well together.

For my artwork I’m making pink flowers with green leaves but you can make whatever you want.

You will need:
– coloured paper (for this particular artwork I’m using one of pink and green)
– cardboard (any size you want)
– scissors
– glue

1. Cut both sheets of paper into strips, as thick as you want the height to be. I only did 10 of each as that is what I’m using for this particular artwork but you can cut the whole sheet or whatever other amount you want.

2. Grab the end of one of the strips and fold to whatever length you want the petal/leaf to be and continue rolling at this length. Put some glue at the end to finish and to secure the rolled up paper.

3. Repeat step 2 with all of the pink and green strips, I made the green ones smaller as they are the leaves, and squeeze the top and bottom with your fingers to make them into petal/leaf shapes.

4. Glue the petals and leaves onto the cardboard into whatever arrangement you like and then you’ve finished your artwork!

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