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February 14, 2017

Although my bookshelf doesn’t have many of the classic teen books alot of people are into right now, I thought it would be a good idea to give some reviews on them and maybe you might be interested in reading some of the uncommon books that I own. Also I am aware that my bookshelf isn’t 100% complete but I’ve been trying very hard to find some books to fill the space, as it is annoying me so much!

The Girl on the Train:
I never actually finished this book because I found the story so depressing and I just didn’t want to read about how horrible the main characters life was. I do think it was well written and certain people will like it but I wasn’t one of them.

The Hunger Games Series:
This was a very good series to read and I think you should definitely, like most series, read the books first! I watched the first movie, then read all the books and then finished watching the series, and although it made the rest of the movies not that great it made the books so much better.

The Percy Jackson Series:
Even though I only own three books in the series, I think they have a great storyline and are wonderful to read over and over. They seem to be good for most ages and the movies are actually almost as good as the books so check them out if you like the books.

Looking for Alaska:
This book was completely different to what I was expecting and overall it was alright. It got a bit inappropriate at times which I didn’t really like and at the end it was a bit like ‘where’s this going?’. The overall storyline was pretty good though and it was well written.

Ok I’m just gonna say it, this book annoyed me so much!! I know it was a best seller and everything but I really didn’t like it. In the beginning of the book she got in a car crash and then the whole rest of the book is her having memories about her life before the crash?!?! Then the ‘if I stay’ part is if she stays on this planet?!? Like I get your parents and brother have died but of course you are going to live!! As you can tell it was not my favourite book at all.

Where She Went (SPOILER ALERT!):
Yes I bought the second book to ‘if I stay’ even though I didn’t like it. It was only because it was $1 at Salvos and I thought they couldn’t possibly do the whole memories thing again. Well I was wrong! I haven’t finished the book yet but they have already had Adam have memories about Mia’s life after waking up from the hospital. Also the whole part of the book before he meets Mia is about him being a musician which is boring. If they make a third book I don’t care if it’s $1 I’m not buying it!

Fallen Series:
I’ve only read the first book (I really need to read some of my books!) and it was a cool storyline and nicely written. I also liked it because at the end it had a huge “revealing” where everything just exposed itself and you found out everyone’s secrets which made everything make so much more sense and was a great way to end it.

Vampire Beach Series:
I liked this series because it was so easy to read and a great vampire story for most ages. Even though it had a typical romance and was about teens going to school because it had the vampire element it wasn’t boring and original.

The Infernal Devices Series:
I haven’t actually read these books yet and I know I only own two of them but I’ve heard they are really good. I’ve also read ‘The Mortal Instruments’ series, which is by the same author and I think it’s based off the same world, which is amazing and you should definitely read it if you haven’t already.

So these are all the books I own and my honest opinions about them. If you have any thoughts about any of these books or suggestions of books I should buy to add to my collection let me know in the comments 🙂

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    LOVE IT! I want to read some of these books now haha xx

    • Reply Keeley February 15, 2017 at 3:19 pm

      Thanks Sarah, glad you enjoyed my post 🙂 x

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