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February 2017


Rolled Up Paper Art – Circular Shaped

February 28, 2017

I don’t know if this form of art is actually a thing or if I just made it up but I absolutely love making artworks from rolled up paper. It is a little bit time consuming…


Fruit Smoothie

February 23, 2017

This smoothie is really easy to make and tastes very sweet and delicious. Ingredients: -1/12 watermelon -4 strawberries -1 kiwi fruit (unpeeled) -3 ice cubes Method: 1. Simply put all the ingredients in a blender and…



February 18, 2017

Perfumes are a great beauty product that make you smell and feel beautiful. I always feel so much better, especially on a hot, sweaty day, wearing a nice perfume so that I smell good rather than…


Reviews on my Books

February 14, 2017

Although my bookshelf doesn’t have many of the classic teen books alot of people are into right now, I thought it would be a good idea to give some reviews on them and maybe you might…



February 9, 2017

A while back I was talking to my cousin about how we both like drawing and she told me about this YouTube channel called Fun2draw that tells you how to draw in a certain way. I…