Repotting Dwarf Beans

January 25, 2017

As I said in my last gardening post, my dwarf beans have grown really well. Now they are ready to be repotted so that there will be space for their roots and stems to grow bigger.

The first step in repotting is to prepare your bigger pots or garden bed that you are going to transfer your plants to. I am using 5 pots that I had lying in my garage but you can use any that are the size of mine or bigger. Simply pour potting mix into the pots and create a hole with your finger in each one.

To get your plants out of the nursery, carefully pull away the soil from the base of the plant and slowly pull the plant upwards. It isn’t the end of the world if a little bit of the roots break off but try to avoid it. Remove all the excess soil that clings to the roots.

Now place the plant into the hole making sure the roots are the right way up and are not folded too much (it’s hard to prevent if the roots are really long). Once it’s in the perfect position, cover the roots with soil until you can’t see them any more and you have reached the beginning of the stem (in my case, until the white part of the stem is covered). Give the plant some water and you have finished repotting!

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