My Garden

January 18, 2017

In my little space on the front deck of my house I have 3 pots and a nursery, each growing different things.

In the biggest pot I have planted corn seeds in a square formation (one in each corner) and as you can see they have just started growing out of the ground.

In my second biggest pot I’ve put 10 carrot seeds into 5 places to make sure that one of the two definitely grows (I did the same with the corn). Unfortunately i’ve only got one growing right now but others should appear soon.

In my small, blue pot I have planted some Swan River Daisies seeds and planted them randomly. I literally created lots of holes with my finger and scattered about 20 of the tiny daisy seeds into them before covering them in soil. At the moment there is one daisy seedling growing but I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t all make it to becoming a flower as I was a bit slack with planting them.

Finally there’s my nursery. It isn’t really a nursery, I just took out the plastic part that comes in a nursery and used that (Magali is using the actual nursery). I used half of it because if all the plants grew I wouldn’t have enough pots to transfer them to. I put dwarf bean (green bean) seeds into six of the nursery spaces and beetroot seeds into the other six. The dwarf beans have grown really well, way before they were expected, and the beetroots have one seedling that has just emerged.

So, that’s my garden at the moment. It isn’t much yet but if most of it succeeds I will extend it with other plants and maybe even buy a proper gardening bed rather than using heaps of pots.

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